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 Been drinking?
 Stop and think before you drive.

The SafeRides program is a key component of a community-based comprehensive impaired driving prevention effort. Combined with highly visible law enforcement, the SafeRides program gives teens the information they need to make informed choices and seek alternatives to driving while impaired. Many believe the program is only around to provide teens that have illegally consumed alcohol or another substance a ride home, however SafeRides has many more purposes. For example, we can provide transportation for teens that have been babysitting and at the end of the night find their original driver to be intoxicated. Furthermore, we provide rides to individuals whose original ride has abandoned them. Most importantly, confidentiality is a benchmark of our program.

It is an undeniable fact that SafeRides saves lives.

SafeRides of Ridgefield is now partnering with the RHS Key Club!

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